Kate Middleton’s Days as a Wallflower Are Over

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Kate Middleton steals the show wherever she goes nowadays, but that was not always the case. The Duchess of Cambridge has been labeled a social climber and a gold digger by some bitter people who are jealous of her new royal status. People who knew her then are speaking out about Kate’s life before she met William, and it is rather mundane.

Obviously, Kate came from a privileged background, but that does not mean she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and spoiled rotten. She is considered one of the most stylish people in the world and is rather gorgeous. All eyes turn to Kate when she walks into a room, today, but 10 years ago, she was a wallflower.

While her little sister, Pippa Middleton loved the social scene at Marlborough College, Kate was not quite as enthralled with the hobnobbing. In school, Catherine was described as, “ordinary, hard-working, athletic and easy-going.” An old school friend reveals Kate was not a “snob” per se, but she was not exactly courting attention. “She was very pretty, but also quite shy and a bit of a mummy’s girl, so the boys didn’t notice her as much as you would expect,” says the source.

Is that what caught William’s eye? In so many ways, Kate is a lot like Princess Diana, especially with her rather shy demeanor. Kate Middleton has flourished during her first year as a royal, but has managed to hold on to her down-to-earth personality that has won her so many fans.

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