Kate Middleton’s Fashion Effect All Her Own

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Kate Middleton’s influence over what women wear is as dominating as it was the day she and Prince William announced their engagement, more than a year ago. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge pulled off the “wedding of the century”, now they could be called the “couple of the century”. But it is Duchess Catherine who holds the limelight—and everyone’s fascination—firmly in her hand, reports Time. Her style is her own. All this and, reports a media source, she doesn’t even look at the cameras.

“It’s not deliberate,” the source goes on. File:Kate in Ottawa for Canada Day 2011.jpg“She blocks out the media. She forgets they are there. She has commented several times after an event that she forgot the cameras were there.” Yet Kate Middleton always manages to look runway perfect, whether she is wearing an evening gown or a pair of tangerine jeans at a hockey practice. The “Kate Effect”—which has several names—immediately sets in when she wears something special. Colored denim disappeared from the shelves. The blue tweed she wore this week—a Rebecca Taylor skirt-suit ensemble—sold out on-line within thirty minutes. Do women really think they will look as good in the clothing as the slim, elegant princess-to-be? Maybe, or maybe shoppers just admire her taste.

Whichever, the “Kate Middleton Effect” even stretches to jewelry, such as sapphire rings, and it can be a disaster when merchants are not prepared. Potential sales are lost to knockoffs and counterfeiters.

Duchess Catherine is now accepted as a “fully fledged member” of the British royal family. She was a contender for Time’s Person of the Year, and she made the list of 100 most influential people. It is not a stretch to think that her influence over fashion—and a few other things—will hold strong into her more mature years. After all, beauty may fade, but the Kate Middleton elegance and grace and poise will last a lifetime.

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