Kate Middleton’s fashion sense didn’t rub off on Prince William?

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Kate Middleton is the icon of the fashion world today and she’s so popular that her styles continue to change the way women dress. With Kate on top, it looks like her husband, Prince William, is looking a tad less dapper these days as he drops from GQ’s 50 Best Dressed Men list. He debuted last year at number 27, but this year his brother and father made it on the list, but William didn’t.

While the royal women are kicking it with fashion this year as Kate, Camilla, and the Queen step out in outfits regularly that turn heads, it looks like the men aren’t as stylish as their royal counterparts. Prince Harry made 25th on GQ’s list, but last year he was number 5. Prince Charles came in dead last of the top 50 list at number 50.

It looks like the women of the royal family need to work on getting their men up to par with their own fashion status as even Harry won in part for his “dishevelled tumbling-out-of-nightclub jeans.” He also won for the way he looks in “cut suits” and looking good in uniform, according to Express UK.

Traditionally it’s the wife that goes to pot after getting that ring on their finger, if you listen to the old wives’ tales. They gain weight and sit around the house without make-up, wearing their husband’s shirts instead of the frilly things they donned when single. This is the picture often conveyed in these tales and shown in comedy shows in the past like Roseanne, Roseanne Barr’s show from a few decades back.This isn’t the case with Kate and probably never will be!

In all fairness to the Prince who fell off the GQ list this year, he’s spent more time training and in a pilot’s jump suit than dressing up and hitting the night spots like his brother Harry. He still knows how to portray himself as a looker, as seen when he walked the red carpet at the Military Awards with Kate and Harry.

One more phenomenon that takes place with William today that didn’t in years past—when he steps out with Kate, all eyes are on her and no one remembers what the Prince is sporting for fashion, as it is all about Kate. Maybe this can explain his absence from this GQ list, he’s invisible when he’s got Kate on his arm!

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