Kate Middleton’s Fashion Status – Her Unpopular Wedding Gown Explained?

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Kate Middleton, who took the world by storm as one of the biggest fashion trend setters, didn’t hit the mark with her choice in wedding gowns. Kate’s bridal dress was not a popular choice this year, much to the surprise of the fashion designers who offered up imitations of the royal inspired gown, but there’s a simple explanation for this today.

The future Queen did change the face of fashion, she’s credited with bringing back nude tights, panty hose or hosiery, which are the different names used for these for the nylon stockings. These leg coverings are now part of main stream fashion today and it’s thanks to Kate.

Nude court shoes are another fashion trend that Kate started and it looks like it has caught on with the celebrity set. Mike and Zara’s wedding saw Royals and celebrity guests wearing nude court shoes. The shoes, even thought they’re made by different designers, looked like Kate’s courts and they’re all nude in color.

Along with various styled dresses that Kate made famous, she also started the color navy blue as a trendy new replacement for black. This started with the dress she wore the night that Prince William and Kate announced their engagement, according to the Daily Mail.

Now that it looks like Kate’s fashion trend setting is still going strong, what happened with her beautiful wedding gown? Why was this not the dress that brides wanted to walk down the aisle in this year? The answer for this is simple, according to designer Gregory Nato.

He explained that even though Kate’s dress saw plenty of copies reproduced and ready for brides of today, the women steered clear. This doesn’t have anything to do with the dress, Kate could have worn any type of wedding gown and this would still be the case.

Nato says, “A modern bride is creating an original event for herself. She’s bringing her personality into it.” It seems when it comes to weddings, the fashion trend is to create your own fashion and copies or imitations don’t fit with this new train of thought.

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