Kate Middleton’s Father May Receive Title from Queen Elizabeth

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Kate Middleton’s father, Michael Middleton, may receive what the royals call a ‘peerage title’ from Queen Elizabeth prior to the birth of the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William’s baby. What exactly does this mean?

According to Kate Middleton Style Bloga report from Celebuzz, Mr. Middleton is a self-made millionaire and apparently in Queen Elizabeth’s eyes that raises him above the typical commoner.

A peerage title is a more recent name for people historically dubbed barons in the U.K. Queen Elizabeth has the right to bestow that title on her granddaughter-in-law’s father. It will allow him some political privileges within the monarchy and raise the entire family to a level above commoners. Michael Middleton’s family–including daughter Pippa Middleton–won’t, however, be considered royals.

How do you think Kate Middleton feels about this news? Is she thrilled that her father’s status is about to be elevated and thus made closer to her own as a member of the royal family? Since the Duchess of Cambridge isn’t big on titles (neither is hubby Prince William) it’s likely she’ll be proud of her dad but nothing much will change aside from his receiving a letter of notoriety from Queen Elizabeth.

Congratulations to Michael Middleton on his possible heightened status above his fellow British commoners? It all seems a bit silly, don’t you think?

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