Kate Middleton’s ‘inappropriate’ flirtations with Prince Harry cause ‘blowup’ with Prince William!

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When Princess Diana was married to Prince Charles, she had an extramarital affair with a hot ginger. Is another hot ginger coming between her son and daughter-in-law now?

After Kate Middleton and Prince Harry seemed especially close during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee festivities, Prince William “reprimanded” the Duchess of Cambridge for what he felt was her “inappropriate” and “painfully embarrassing” behavior, In Touch (via Celebitchy.com) reports.

“Having Harry there, whom she adores, relaxes her, because he makes jokes as a way to get through the day,” an “insider” tells the mag. “She gets the giggles and forgets the world is watching her. But William told Kate it was flirting and that it wasn’t appropriate.”

To be fair, Kate just seems to get the giggles at inappropriate times, regardless of who she’s with. Back in November she laughed during the somber Remembrance Day ceremony while surrounded by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Sophie, Countess of Wessex. So she told William he was being “incredibly unfair”—which led to a big “blowup”!

“In Kate’s mind, for William to suggest that was was absurd … in the past, Kate would have agreed with William and apologized, but instead she fired right back at him and that took him by surprise,” In Touch‘s snitch says.

Yeah, William’s probably not really used to her standing up for herself, considering how long she held on to get that ring.

Insiders insist that Kate and Harry’s relationship is purely platonic and they were “absolutely not flirting” during the Jubilee celebrations—although if she was flirting with him, who could blame her? She married a dour, balding guy who’s gone half the time. Who wouldn’t flirt with someone who’s naughty and charming, with a full head of hair? But William is upset because a similar situation happened last month during a polo match—and he doesn’t know why his wife and brother “find life in the spotlight so daunting.”

“William has been trained to be King his whole life, so he can’t relate to their feelings,” the source tells In Touch. “Wills always wanted Kate to be more confident at these big royal events. But now she’s so relaxed that she isn’t mindful of how William views her behavior.”

Maybe Kate needs even more “princess training” in how to stop laughing at inappropriate times and playing with her hair constantly?

At any rate, it’s not hard to imagine William being upset about the giggling, but does he really think they’re flirting? Probably not. He’s probably happy there’s someone else who can help show her the royal ropes (no, that’s not a euphemism). Besides, Harry moved in with them at Kensington Palace. If William were really that upset, Harry might be looking for new digs.

What do you think? Is Kate Middleton’s behavior “painfully embarrassing” and “inappropriate”? Is Prince William jealous of Prince Harry? Sound off in the comments!

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