Kate Middleton’s ‘Kate Effect’ Is a Joke

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Kate Middleton has long been lauded for her propensity to boost the sales of a specific brand simply by wearing it. The anomaly has been coined the ‘Kate effect’ and has been proven time and again. As soon as Kate makes a public appearance, fans are analyzing what she is wearing and making swift calculations on how it would look on them. Fortunately, Kate is a bargain kind of girl and shops at stores that most can afford, and she buys straight off the rack. Because of this, once a garment is identified; it sells out within minutes.

However, one company that is not convinced Kate is helping their sales is Whistles. Kate watchers know she is fond of Whistles and stocks her closet with various items from the company.

Chief Executive Jane Sherperdson of Whistles, complains about that shirt Kate wore for her engagement photos, “‘She wore a blouse which was actually from a few seasons ago, which we weren’t running.” Kate has become famous for reaching far back into her closet and recycling her clothes. She adds, “In that instance, it raised profile certainly, but it didn’t do anything for sales.”

That shirt is not the only item Kate has donned from the store. She has a closet full of Whistles stuff. Don’t they owe her a little credit for giving them free advertisement? There are many in the US who had never heard of the company before Kate made them her go to shop.

Remember that blue dress the Duchess of Cambridge wore to the Olympics closing ceremony. It was a new item and quickly sold out, but again, Sherperdson isn’t ready to give Kate the credit. “It’s a style that’s been very successful for us anyway.”

Sheesh, give Kate Middleton a little credit. Admit she has given a lovely boost in sales and thank her for it.

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