Kate Middleton’s Mother-in-Law Will Never Be Queen

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Camilla Parker-Bowles won’t be anointed queen when Prince Charles accedes to the British throne; that is going against historical precedence and possibly constitutional law.

Allowing Kate Middleton’s stepmother-in-law to be queen would be suicide for the British monarchy. The Windsors aren’t very popular to begin with, because most average people consider them to be lazy freeloaders. What’s more, everyone adored Princess Diana, and many blame Camilla for the breakup of Charles and Di, whether it’s fair or not.

According to tradition, the king’s wife is normally referred to as the “Queen Consort” or “Queen.” But, with this new arrangement, Parker-Bowles‘ official title will be “HRH Princess Consort.”

What a letdown for Camilla! She’s had to endure Charles for four decades, and she still won’t be queen. But, with all of her bizarre behavior, and petty jealousy toward Middleton, what is Queen Elizabeth supposed to do?

All this Buckingham Palace intrigue is beginning to get confusing. Elizabeth is in declining health, and wants to ensure that after her death, the monarchy will be in good hands. Honestly, if she named William and Kate Middleton her successors, her English, Australian and Canadian subjects would support her 100 percent.

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