Kate Middleton’s New Nude Photos: Duchess Told to ‘Trim the Royal Hedges’

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Kate Middleton’s latest nude photos show the Duchess of Cambridge baring it all—she’s completely bottomless.

The future Queen of England’s pubic hair can be seen in the new leaked pics, and it’s very likely that its presence is going to lead to another big debate about whether shaving the hair down there is a good or bad thing. American women will no doubt be shocked to learn that a pampered princess like Kate isn’t hairless since bikini waxes are a regular part of their beauty routines.

Speaking of fashionistas, here’s what Fashion Police host Joan Rivers recently tweeted about Kate’s nude photos:

“Just saw the BOTTMLESS photos of Kate Middleton! Pretty, but she should trim the Royal hedges.”

Today girls in America seem to see shaving or waxing “down there” as a normal part of their beauty routine—it’s become just as common as shaving armpits and legs. Gals who go without shaving those body parts are often viewed as being “gross” or unhygienic, and it seems like those who choose not to shave their pubic hair are beginning to get judged just as harshly. But perhaps Kate isn’t worried about her hair offending her husband because the completely bald look hasn’t caught on as much in England.

Kate could inspire young women in the U.S. to also opt for a more natural look. After all, she has become a style icon with a large following of fashion-obsessed fans who copy her clothing and hairstyles. And it might not be a bad thing if she helps to kill the bald look—sometimes shaving can lead to nasty skin infections, and bikini waxing sessions can get expensive (plus they’re super embarrassing and painful).

So do you agree with Joan Rivers that Kate needs to “trim the Royal hedges,” or is it refreshing to see a high-profile woman going against the grain (which actually sounds pretty painful given the subject matter here)?

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