Kate Middleton’s Nude Photographer Awaits Arrest as Pippa Middleton Goes on Date

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It’s set to be a big day for Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa today—Kate will finally get justice after the photographer who took secret snaps of her on holiday is arrested, while Pippa has been photographed on a romantic date in London after launching her book last week.

Dream home: The Royal couple relaxed and had fun at Chateau D'Autet, pictured, not knowing they were being spied on

French police are set to arrest the photographer who took hundreds of photos of the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband Price William while they were on a private holiday in France earlier this year. The couple were said to be horrified by the images, which included topless snaps, and images of Kate changing her bikini bottoms. Although the pair avoided most embarrassment, being on a Royal tour abroad at the time, the photographs were printed in European gossip mags despite St James Palace requesting that they not be.

At the time, Prince William called for the photographer to be jailed—and now that his name has been handed over to detectives, that is a real possibility. France is known for its strict privacy laws, and the government there is said to be keen to make an example of this very public breech. A source close to the French police revealed that they are set to make the arrest today, with the photographer facing a fine of £36,000 or a year in jail.


Battle: Tacky Italian magazine Chi was the latest to publish the topless pictures of Kate - owned by the same company as French Closer

Kate and William have already filed a lawsuit over the photographs, after it emerged that French Closer editor Laurence Pieau hired a freelance photographer to follow the couple around on their vacation in the country. Laurence refused to name the photographer involved, and even claimed that the photographs were flattering, claiming that Kate Middleton looked “pretty” and the photographs “joyous.” Under French law, the photographer is protected as a journalistic contact.

Another photographer, Valerie Suau, did admit taking photographs of the couple on their balcony but denied taking the topless photographs that were printed across Europe. The French police have now confirmed that they have the name of the person responsible for those photos too, and would be taking action against them very soon.

Pippa’s Date

Kate isn’t the only Middleton in the press today. Pippa had a frantic week launching her book in no less than four outfits, and was snapped looking gorgeous again last night on a date with James Matthews. James is a banker, whose the brother of Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews.

Perfect gentleman: James held the door open for Pippa as she got into a cab following a 'date' at London's exclusive Hakkasan restaurant

37-year-old James was spotted helping Pippa into a cab after their meal, looking every inch the gentleman in a striking suit. Pippa herself was wearing a smart black shift dress and tights, and a chic lace blazer.

It’s not the first time they have been snapped together, either, as diners at the popular Hakkasan restaurant revealed that they’d shared a private booth and many bottles of wine nine days ago. They were said to be openly flirting, and friends have since revealed that the relationship is going from “strength to strength.”

Pippa has been single since splitting with Alex Loudon in 2011, although she was linked with a string of bachelors last year. Although Alex and Pippa had been moving in together, Alex found the intense media presence after Kate’s wedding difficult to deal with, and the pair broke up. It didn’t stop Pippa’s amazing year though—she recieved a $400,000 advance for the party planning book she released last week—and now she seems to have the perfect gentlemen to share it with.

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