Kate Middleton’s Perfect Image Tarnished–Is this the Beginning of the End of the Infatuation?

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Kate Middleton is learning first-hand what it is like to take a nosedive from a public pedestal. She was on top of the world for more than a year. A little stain on her perfect image was bound to happen eventually. The topless photo scandal showed a side of the proper Duchess the world was not accustomed to seeing.

While most people feel bad she was humiliated, others are wondering what the heck was she thinking stripping on a terrace in the first place? It certainly gives a little insight into the private lives of Kate and Prince William.

The scandal would have probably blown over eventually, but then she went and wore the wrong darn dress. Again, not really her fault, but she is the one who was pictured wearing the dress that insulted the natives of the Solomon Islands. Two scandals in a matter of weeks is serious business.

Can Kate recover and repair her slightly tarnished image? Is this the beginning of the end of the infatuation with all things Kate or is it just a run of bad luck?

Her fashion faux pas and naked body prove she is a regular gal. That seems to be one of her most appealing traits. It is hard to identify with someone who is always so perfect. The blemishes add character. A little stain here and there keeps her real. There will be some who will begin to see Kate Middleton through new eyes, but for the rest of the world, she is still a fashion icon, and a fairytale princess ripped right out of a children’s bedtime story.

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