Kate Middleton’s Smile is Dentist Approved

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Kate Middleton has the world’s prettiest smile, says a British poll put out by a health care group called Bupa. Her very natural, just slightly imperfect teeth wowed the most of the people polled. Cheryl Cole came in next, and Tom Cruise and Beyonce showed up farther down the list, reports Dentistry.UK. And those beautiful, sparkling teeth may have helped put the duchess where she is. “More than half of Brits believe that the quality of a person’s teeth has a major impact on a person’s career or romantic life,” reports healthcare group, Bupa, yet they don’t back up those beliefs. Only half of Britons visit the dentist regularly.

Naturally, the poll-designers are interested in File:Kate in Ottawa for Canada Day 2011.jpgmore than just featuring Kate’s winning smile. They are into helping people recognize the importance of healthy teeth and a fabulous smile. And their efforts to get teeth noticed seem to be working. According to further poll items, 63 in a hundred people believe bad teeth can keep a person from getting a partner in life. Would Prince William have chosen a girl with decayed choppers?

More than half believe good teeth can help a person get a job. It could be said that the Duchess of Cambridge scored there, too.

Finally, one in seven people would give up sex for a whole year if they could have perfect teeth. And one in five would give up alcohol for the same result. It seems like going regularly to the dentist would be easier. Not cheaper, though. Most people said they stayed away from dentists because of the expense. But as always, staying healthy is cheaper than letting things go, in the long run.

Kate Middleton, has likely seen her dentist twice a year, most of her life. If so, it’s working.

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