Kate Middleton’s Topless Photos Leave Royal Couple Reeling

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Kate Middleton’s topless photos have left her husband, Prince William, seething with anger. He is very protective of his wife and has learned the hard way how invasive the media can be. After losing his mother at a young age due to the hounding of the paparazzi, it is no wonder this is a particularly sensitive area for him.

One source predicts what Will and Kate are going through, “He will feel he’s let Kate down – and she’ll no doubt feel she has let the Royal Family down.” Kate has managed to breathe new light into the royal family. Thankfully, she is not being blamed for the pictures and reportedly has the support of the Queen during this rough period.

Imagine how William is feeling. Obviously, there would be a bit of jealousy considering the entire world is ogling his wife’s naked body, but he also has to be thinking of their future. What will it be like for their children? Jennie Bond speculates, “Now he will feel utterly betrayed, all the more so because it’s Kate, who’s been hurt – the woman he adores and vowed to protect.”

Will’s reaction sets a precedent for any other photographers who decide to intrude upon his private time, “Prince William will not forgive or forget this latest intrusion.” Although this incident is undoubtedly troublesome, it is actually a good thing it happened now.

Kate Middleton is a big girl. She knew what she was doing when she decided to take off her top on a balcony, private or not. Now that the media realizes how serious Will and Kate take their privacy, the pesky paparazzi will hopefully avoid any similar incidents with the couple’s children. Kate’s embarrassment today, may actually save her children from suffering a similar fate.

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