Kate Middleton’s Topless Photos Make Prince William Fear for Her Life

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Kate Middleton’s topless photos might not seem like that big of a deal to some—after all, she certainly wouldn’t be the first royal to face a nude photo scandal since Prince Harry and Fergie have both made headlines by being caught on camera without their clothes on.

However, the publication of the pictures of Kate sunbathing reportedly has Prince William extremely worried. According to The Mirror, this is what the Duke of Cambridge told his aides about the scandal:

“I don’t want what happened to my mother to happen to my wife.”

If it’s true that Will said this, it’s a truly heartbreaking comment.

His mother was constantly hounded by the press and couldn’t even escape them after her marriage to Prince Charles ended. Princess Diana died trying to escape photographers, and their lenses captured some of her last moments of life. So now that the paparazzi has indicated that they’re going to hound Kate Middleton the same way that they hounded his mother, it’s no wonder that Prince William is worried.

Luckily the topless photos were taken from far away—Kate’s life wasn’t in danger in this instance. But what if the pictures make the paparazzi bolder? Will Kate spend the rest of her life worried about cameras?

Things have changed since the days when Princess Diana got dogged by the press, and this change was shown in Prince Harry’s leaked nude photos. In addition to paying photographers for photos taken with high-powered camera lenses that can be used to spy on stars from far away, the press can procure cell phone photos from friends of celebs, and stars’ personal pictures can also be stolen by hackers. It’s hard to imagine what Diana would have thought of all of this.

Will is reportedly worried that now he and his wife are “staring at a future with no freedom” because of the topless photos, so he is going to have to fight the publisher of the pictures in order to make other photographers think twice about hounding Kate. Because right now the worst thing that the couple could do is to start trying to avoid cameras—just look at what happened to Diana when she let the press affect the way she lived her life.

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