Kate Middleton’s uncanny knack of knowing her place keeps the royals regal!

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Kate Middleton’s called “The Perfect Princess” as she rounds the last corner of her first year of marriage. With Kate almost out of the newlywed phase, time-wise that is, reflecting on her last year reveals a young woman who did become the perfect princess to the public and her new extended regal family.

While Kate’s captured the hearts of the world, she’s more importantly appeared to have captured the hearts of her new in-laws, which wasn’t going to come as an easy task, the royal watchers thought when she first joined the regal bunch.

The troubles that Princess Diana had were like a haunting that plagued Kate’s name in the media for comparisons on what to expect as far as treatment from her new family. While this time was different, was it due to Kate, the royals, or a bit of both?

According to the Daily Beast, Kate’s uncanny knack for stepping back and not upstaging her husband, the Queen, Prince Charles, Camilla, and Prince Henry is clear at public engagements. While this future Queen upstaged everyone, even Justin Bieber at times in the media, when together with the family, Kate knows her place.

She’s accompanied every immediate member of her new family to an engagement in the last year, and she never let her popularity get in the way of the task at hand for the family member. It’s not like it’s a blatant move on her part, she just seems to stand in the background and continues on with a supportive role for the family member she’s with at the time.

She tends to stand back during the occasions she accompanies another royal family member, and it’s like she’s saying the unspoken words of “I am just the new girl,” quips the Daily Beast. Kate is very unassuming as she is a woman who could have so much more by the way of entitlements, but she remains without ladies in waiting or a stylist at her beckon call. Kate does have confidence, and that comes from the Middleton family along with Prince William’s adoration and love.

Kate is just what the royal family needed as she adds to the royals and takes away nothing. She’s so confident that she doesn’t need to seek the spotlight, and when she’s in the spotlight, she knows it just comes along with her new lot in life and she treats it that way.

Her smile could light up the darkest room, and her personality just puts anyone that crosses paths with the newlywed feeling overwhelming gracious. Kate Middleton might not upstage her family, but she’s 100% contagious!

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