Kate Middleton’s Weight Loss Sparks Concerns

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Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is gorgeous, graceful and photogenic. But is she too thin? It comes as a surprise, since people all over the world are watching her weight daily, but sources say, reports US magazine, that Duchess Catherine is still losing weight. An insider close to the family dishes that while she weighed around 100 pounds at the Royal Wedding last year, Kate is still losing weight. Now she supposedly weighs 90 pounds. Considering her height of 5’10”, that weight would make her scary skinny indeed. Dangerously thin.File:Kate in Ottawa for Canada Day 2011.jpg

She does not look that thin in pictures, but pictures often lie. Cameras can add weight, and Kate Middleton has a penchant for long sleeves, which cover up a tell-tale area. It’s true, that a few recent cap-sleeve photos reveal super-thin arms. And you can be sure there will be no bikini shots, any time soon.

But if this is true, the question is why? Certainly it’s great to receive compliments on one’s body shape, but continuing to lose beyond all reasonable goals is a sickness. Could Kate Middleton be anorexic? “Her doctors have advised her to gain weight to improve her chances of conceiving. Wills has been encouraging her to eat more, saying how he prefers her with a little meat on her bones!” Is she listening? Those two reasons—husband and family—should come before the desire to be thinnest in the land, shouldn’t they?

Reports are clear Kate Middleton eats very little. She often skips meals, and she snacks on carrots and fruit. Salad, simple pasta and sushi are the mainstays of her diet.

Eating disorders plagued Princess Diana all her royal life, but she had already accomplished her life’s work—she gave birth to Prince William. If these reports are true, Duchess Catherine may need some help turning her life around, if she wants to accomplish that same major goal. It may not be easy.

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