Kate Moss, daughter, naked in Vogue

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Kate Moss and her daughter, Lila Grace, took their clothes off for a photoshoot for Vogue Magazine. The mother-daughter team look stunning and innocent in the photo which is getting a ton of attention. While they are covering up their “private parts” with their arms, the photo is very intimate.

“In one shot, a bKateMossare Kate, 37, embraces her look-alike daughter Lila Grace, 8,” Hollywood Life reports. While many people think this shot is beautiful, others are wondering why the two chose to go nude in the photo. It seems like this is something a mother does with her baby, not with her 8-year-old child. If you can get over that, however, you will find the photo simply beautiful.

People have to remember that Kate Moss is a model—doing a tastefully nude shoot isn’t out of the question for her—ever. The fact that she brought her daughter in to this shot with her is going to get a ton of criticism. What do you think?

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