Kate Upton Cat Daddy Video Discussed by Sports Illustrated

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The recent Kate Upton “Cat Daddy” video has now gone viral, bringing the Dougie star more internet presence than before. According to Sports Illustrated‘s recent article, it has easily trumped a previous video involving two NBA stars, and has become a huge smash hit online.

In SI‘s article posted early on Tuesday evening, they discuss the fact that Kate had a “cute” clip involving Kevin Durant and James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder. That cute clip was easily trumped by the hot new “Cat Daddy” bikini video that Upton released on Tuesday, because, well, one has Kate Upton in clothes, and the other has her dancing around in a bikini.

SI Writer Jimmy Traina mentioned that he was told by Kate Upton earlier this afternoon that the sexy new video on YouTube was “shot during lunch for fun a couple weeks ago.” It’s also added in that this particular video/photo shoot involved her donning a New York Yankees cap. She’s previously been featured in an MLB video game commercial with the likes of Detroit Tigers star pitcher Justin Verlander as well, so Kate has her sports ties.

As for the sexy Kate Upton “Cat Daddy” video, it’s certainly gone viral, as SI‘s Traina has predicted on his Twitter:

“This video sent by @bmdoty of Kate Upton doing the “Cat Daddy” has 315 views. I predict 1 million by tomorrow”

As of this report, the video clip has over 50 retweets just from Traina’s tweet, and who knows how many overall on Twitter. It goes to show that all Kate Upton needs to do is get in a bikini and dance to promote anything, and people will take notice. For now, the only thing promoted in this latest video was her amazing body, but maybe someone will find a clever way to make money off this.

Check out the Kate Upton “Cat Daddy” video below via YouTube.

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