Kate Upton Effect: Magazines Airbrushing Models to Make Them Fatter

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You can call it the Kate Upton effect. Fashion magazines are now retouching photos to make the models fatter, rather than the other way around.

The ridiculously busty Kate has been trashed by some in the high-fashion industry for being too zaftig to be a supermodel. Anna Wintour even refused to put her in Vogue, but relented when she realized how popular the 20-year-old Sports Illustrated cover girl had become.

Now, it seems Kate is leading the way for other women who don’t possess stick-figure bodies. Good for her! Why should every model look like they haven’t eaten in month?

Why do you believe the public is more accepting busty models like Kate Upton these days? It’s interesting that only a few years ago, someone like Kate Moss was considered the hottest supermodel out there. Maybe, the public is just becoming more accepting of models who possess different types of looks. Either way, Upton’s success is undeniable.

“When you do a sexier shoot with a skinnier girl, you have got to basically add volume via retouching where there is no volume in reality,” said modeling manager Nadja Atwal.

Kate Upton

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