Kate Upton Gets Body Painted on Twitter

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Kate Upton is again showing off her impressive sex appeal via Twitter.

Hollywood Tuna is featuring a series of candid snaps it states came from Twitter of the bombastic supermodel being painted by a group of smiling women. In the photos, the buxom model is seeing wearing surgical gloves and a surgical mask.

Is this type of hygiene truly imperative simply for slapping some paint on a supermodel? This isn’t a hospital intensive care unit, after all.

Either way, the women painting her certainly have amazing jobs. The beauty was likely being prepped for a photo shoot at the time, according to Hollywood Tuna.

Many entertainment stars, including Rihanna, Demi Moore, and Lindsay Lohan, have displayed racy pics on their Twitter pages, but the Sports Illustrated mannequin has taken the trend to a whole new level by flashing her cleavage and donning outrageous outfits on a fairly regular basis.

It will be interesting to watch how Upton’s exhibitionism is received by the public. The curvy beauty’s behavior is also often outlandish, and she seems unafraid to appear foolish. For example, her horrible dancing has become a source of amusement for many people on YouTube. Upton performing “The Dougie” has been viewed more than 1 million times.

Kate Upton

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