Kate Upton Has Thing for ‘Butt Photos’

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Kate Upton took to Twitter on Saturday night (November 19) to mention her excitement over a book of butt photos. This of course is just another example of how Upton seems to have a thing for the human posterior.

Kate Upton tweeted:

Can’t wait for launch of @whatisculo who doesn’t like a book of butt photos?

So, what exactly is Kate talking about here? It turns out that Diddy (yes the rapper formerly known as Puff Daddy) has collaborated with photographer Raphael Mazzucco and record executive Jimmy Iovine for a new coffee table book. The subject of the book? How about 248 pages of female butts.

Therefore, to answer Kate Upton’s pressing question…everyone, especially Kate herself.

Of course this is coming from the woman who admitted to “molesting a toddler” on Halloween (read more about that Kate Upton’s wild night, here), so it is hardly surprising that she has a thing for a book of butts. Yes, she was even photographed grabbing model Chrissy Teigen’s butt on Halloween.

Word on the street is Lady Gaga is in and Pippa Middleton is out…of the book. The question that everyone probably wants to know is this: Does Kate Upton’s butt show up in the book?

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