Kate Upton’s Sexy New Cover Sure to Cause Controversy

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Kate Upton will most likely tick some people off with her new GQ cover photo, in which the bodacious beauty wears an American flag-inspired bikini while sticking a rocket popsicle in her mouth.

Yes, that’s right. GQ was obviously intending to evoke a certain sex act with this provocative shot.

Apparently, this edition is patriotism-themed, and is celebrating the Fourth of July, so who better to grace the cover than a classic all-American girl like Kate? But, the overt sexuality of the photo is sure to draw some fire from critics.

Regardless, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is no stranger to controversy, so any backlash over this picture won’t faze her a bit.

Remember, busty Upton angered the Catholic Church when she donned a “nun-kini” for the recent Three Stooges movies.

The blond supermodel has also come under attack by many people within the fashion industry for her perceived lack of glamour and “ordinary” facial features. Can you ever remember a high-level model who has been as much of a lightning rod as Upton? She manages to weather these attacks, and keeps moving forward.

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