Kate Winslet wedding: Online poll asking if she and Rocknroll will make it

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The Kate Winslet wedding has brought out well wishes, naysayers and even a new poll in which fans are asked to vote on whether Winslet and her new husband, Ned Rocknroll, will actually make it.

It has not, however, brought out Princess Beatrice, like Ned’s first wedding did.

This is Winslet’s third marriage, but it isn’t the Academy Award-winning actress’s two prior marriage failures that are making people squeamish about the couple’s chances; it’s her unusual husband–a husband that some say is too unusual for Kate Winslet.

It doesn’t help that few people actually knew of Ned Rocknroll before Kate tied the knot with Richard Branson’s nephew.

And some of those who did know about him were a little put off by the unusual stories making the rounds, such as how he and his first wife had their hands tied together during their wedding ceremony, as a Shaman performed the official duties.

And one has to admit that tying the bride and groom’s hands together is a bit of a stretch for a wedding. And if Rocknroll would do that, as well as change his traditional name Smith to a more nontraditional one like Rocknroll, then…well…

The online poll by Cinema Blend isn’t meant to offend or disparage the famous actress or her equally unfamous husband. But it does put the question to Kate’s fans, asking them “Will these two last?”

And CB’s article writer isn’t sure that their marriage will, based upon the reporting given. However, the writer, Mack Rawden, is at least rooting for the couple to make it, especially since Kate is considered “one of the most brilliant actresses we have,” he says.

So weigh-in on the topic and encourage the newly married couple by voting in favor of their marriage. After all, Kate Winslet and her new husband might surprise everyone someday with a 50th wedding anniversary party. And just think what people will say then about the Kate Winslet wedding.

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