Katharina Brow’s family upset they weren’t consulted on ‘Conviction’ (Video)

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Relatives of Katharina Brow are making it known that they are not happy about never having been contacted by the producers of Conviction, the new movie which centers around the effort to free a man wrongly convicted of murdering Brow.  Katharina’s children, Melrose and Charles, held a press conference Thursday with attorney Gloria Allred.

One of their main concerns is what will be done with the profits from Conviction.  They would like some of that money to be put towards the effort to solve this cold case and finally put Katharina Brow’s real killer behind bars for good.

Conviction centers on Betty Anne Waters, played by Hillary Swank, who, as a single mother managed to put herself through law school in order to advocate for her brother, Kenny Waters, who was convicted of the murder.  Betty Anne used DNA evidence to prove that her brother could not have committed the crime, and he was released after spending 18 years in prison.

One can only imagine how heartbreaking it must have been for Katharina Brow’s family and friends to suddenly learn that their beloved’s killer was still at large, and justice had not been served after all.

The qualms of Katharina Brow’s family seem legitimate, but it’s not certain they’re doing themselves any favors by hiring Gloria Allred.  She can get them publicity for sure, but is herself seen increasingly as a someone who will take on any frivolous cause just to get in front of a news camera.  She recently represented one of Tiger Woods’ former mistresses looking to play up her victim-hood for as much money or celebrity she could milk it for.  The Brow family are much more sympathetic, but still it’s unclear if there’s actually some sort of lawsuit in the works, or if this is just a publicity move.

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