Katherine Heigl Used a “Smoke Stick” on “Late Show” Visit (Video)

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Katherine Heigl is famous for two things; acting and her smoking habit. Last night on The Late Show with David Letterman, Heigl showed off the one thing she’s found that lets her end her tobacco usage. A smoke stick.

The smoke stick, or electronic cigarette, is what Katherine Heigl turned to when she adopted her daughter Naleigh from South Korea last year. Before the stick, Heigl says she tried everything from the patch to two different rounds of Chantex, a prescription drug meant to break the nicotine addiction.

Katherine Heigl broke out her smoke stick about two-thirds of the way through her interview with David Letterman last night, according to the New York Daily News. She discussed how the device works with Letterman, a known cigar lover. It has a battery inside of it that heats liquid nicotine. The user sucks it into their lungs through the device, which is of course shaped like a cigarette.

Video: Katherine Heigl shares a smoke stick with David Letterman

While the video of Heigl and Letterman enjoying a smoke stick together makes it look like smoke is coming out of their mouths, she described the end product as “water vapor.” Of course, not being an expert on smoke sticks, she couldn’t say whether there’s leftover nicotine in it.

What’s interesting and attractive to smokers about the electronic cigarettes is how they eliminate all the hot smoke and chemicals that you take in when you smoke tobacco and leave you the nicotine that got you hooked. They’re no cure-all, though, and some would argue that maintaining a nicotine habit is still a bad idea.

But really, is Katherine Heigl needing a few smoke sticks to get through the day that much different than the millions of Americans who can’t function without their coffee? Especially the ones who have standard Starbucks orders that get more complex than “tall Americano with room?”

On the other hand, so little is known about what’s in the vapor you exhale while using the smoke sticks that while Katherine Heigl may not stink up the house anymore, you might well wonder if the child is still getting exposed to nicotine. Any legal recreational drug habit is best left for adults to choose for themselves. Childhood exposure to nicotine by way of second-hand smoke or even smoke stick water vapor might skew that choice.

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