Katherine Heigl Wardrobe Malfunction–Pictures & Video

Summary:  Katherine Heigl has wardrobe malfunction at ShoWest awards but no nip slip.

A woman named Katherine Heigl has a regular role on  a TV show called Gray’s Anatomy, Euclid’s Elements, or some other name of a famous textbook not in general use any more.  She accepted an award at a 14th tier event called ShoWest, held at a Subway Sandwich counter inside a convenience store,  when one of the straps on her red, moderately low cut, gown became detached.  To the relief of many, she managed to catch the strap before any additional anatomical features became visible.  NNN researchers are hot on the trail of the rumor that Heigl has 18 nipples arranged in 3 rows of 6.  Unfortunately, this incident shed little light on the rumor.

Here’s a video:


Heigl apparently has previous executive wardrobe experience having appeared in a film called “27 Dresses.”  Below are examples of Heigl’s wardrobe choices for other awards ceremonies:

























Here’s a photo of Heigl relaxing at home:

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