Kathie Lee Gifford: Kim Kardashian needs to go away!

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Even someone who is a longtime Kardashian family friend and the godmother to Kendall and Kylie Jenner wants Kim Kardashian to step out of the limelight.

“If Kim truly wants to be happy, she needs to get out of the spotlight for a long time,” Today host Kathie Lee Gifford tells In Touch. “However long it takes to regroup and re-find herself.”

Fat chance of that happening! A self-absorbed narcissist like Kim is going to hang onto fame as long as she possibly can, even though her “obsession with the limelight” helped destroy her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries, according to Kathie Lee.

“She was all caught up in the planning on it. So many people were expecting and counting on her,” Kathie Lee tells In Touch. “And a marriage is not about other people. A marriage is about two people getting married.”

If someone’s really invested in a relationship and wants it to work, they don’t file for divorce after just 72 days—and reportedly consult divorce lawyers before the wedding. Kim obviously never loved Kris and just used her wedding for money, ratings, and publicity. But even though Kim is an overexposed fame whore who doesn’t care about anyone but herself, Kathie Lee still thinks she is a “very sweet girl” and says fans shouldn’t think that what happens on the Kardashians’ reality shows is actually, you know, real.

“Remember, it’s called reality television, but there’s no reality to it. It’s a show,” Kathie Lee tells the mag. “The reality is very different than what you see on TV.”

At least Kathie Lee acknowledges that the Kardashians are guilty of staging scenes and re-editing their shows to garner sympathy! She’s also right that Kim should take some time off, but that’s never going to happen unless viewers stop watching her shows and they get cancelled.

What do you think? Is Kathie Lee Gifford right that Kim Kardashian needs to stay out of the spotlight? Do you think Kim’s actually a “very sweet girl”? Sound off in the comments!

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