Kathie Lee Griffith Puts Smack Down on Leno and Wife (Video)

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On the Today Show recently, Kathie Lee Gifford showed a picture of a naked gray man with his wife. The pair were covering their fat naked bodies with their fat cats. Kathie Lee Gifford said that the couple looks likes Jay Leno and his wife.

What do you think? Did Kathie Lee Gifford go too far, or is she just playing. It’s one thing to insult a public figure like Jay Leno, but to insult his wife is just cruel. This is not the first time sweet Kathie Lee has been in the insult business.

Kathie Lee Gifford had problems before during a sweatshop scandal in 1999.  She is back, and it appears she hasn’t learned her lesson. To publicly insult Jay Leno who is by the way not fat, is just wrong. To insult his wife goes way over the top.

Should Kathie Lee offer Mrs. Leno an apology? It is certainly coming. NBC should give Kathie Lee a talking to especially since Jay Leno is a top money maker for NBC. Also, what goes around comes around. Will Jay Leno hit back at Kathie Lee and remember her nasty past?

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