Kathleen Haley Possibly Murdered

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Was Kathleen Haley murdered? The missing woman still hasn’t been found and new details indicate that there was a very violent struggle involved in her disappearance. There is also a sketch of a man circulating who may be connected to the disappearance of the 37-year-old Newport News woman.

Kathleen Haley, 37, is a white female, 4-foot-11-inches tall and 110 pounds, with hazel eyes and brown hair and lives in the 2800 block of West Avenue in Newport News. She was last seen Wednesday, Aug. 22, and family last spoke to Haley on Saturday, Sept. 1. Police say Haley may be endangered because no one has seen or heard from her since Sept. 1st, her vehicle is parked at her residence and hasn't been moved, and items are missing from her residence.

Officials searched the apartment inhabited by the missing woman, and documents detailing the condition of the place reveal a very disturbing element in the disappearance of the 37-year-old woman. A section of the carpet in her home was cut out/removed, what appeared to be blood was on her wall and her entire bed was missing as well as her computer.

“It appeared that there may be more to the scene than a missing person,” wrote a detective in an affidavit for search warrant.

As for the composite sketch; it details a man who was seen in the area of her apartment around the time she vanished. It’s believed this man may have information on what might have happened to Kathleen Haley. If this sketch is accurate at all, then it could be any blonde haired guy in the area under the age of 50. The image doesn’t look very memorable at all.

Analyzing the evidence so far:

Reports say there was blood on the wall, but not in what pattern. Was it a blood spray or was the blood splattered. The pattern of the blood would indicate what kind of violent struggle might have occurred in the apartment. Was the area of the wall near where her bed would have been? What about the carpet?

It seems that with the piece of carpeting and her entire bed is missing that the person responsible was doing what he could do to remove as much evidence as he could from the apartment — and it was someone who didn’t have a fear of being caught. It takes a certain level of confidence to move an entire bed from an apartment to another location, especially if the bed was an obvious part of a violent crime scene.

Newport News police released a composite sketch of a man who may have information in reference to Katheleen Haley, who was reported missing Sept. 7

As for the computer being missing; it’s possible that the suspect met the missing woman on the internet. Therefore, the computer was part of the removal of evidence and the covering of his tracks. Could the strange man pictured in the police composite sketch be an internet predator who murdered the missing woman? Investigators are still working on this case as a missing person case, but the amount of evidence mentioned thus far seems as though there is something far more sinister than that going on.

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