Kathy Griffin Increases Security after Bristol Palin Joke

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Kathy Griffin told Chelsea Handler that her joke about Bristol Palin being the “White Precious” was true, and she stands by it, but the joke was booed by the military during her performance at the VH1 Divas Salute The Troops. Now, Griffin has beefed up her security. Telling that joke was a stupid thing to do. The troops didn’t like it, and neither do others who took offense to Griffin’s joke. It was a joke, but some people are not laughing.

Kathy Griffin Increases Security after Bristol Palin Joke

After “DWTS,” Bristol Palin has received death threats, and now Griffin believes the same may happen to her. She doesn’t get it. She makes jokes at the expense of others, and then is surprised that her off color joke is not well received.

Griffin said, “I’ve performed in Iraq and Afghanistan and walked to the latrine on gravel with a flash light and stood up in the cafeteria and told jokes, and I just think it’s ironic that (haters) would call me a bully.”

She is a hater. Walking to a latrine with a flashlight does not make her funny. It just means she has to use the bathroom like everyone else. Handler defended Griffin, reminding audiences that it was just a joke, but there are too many nut jobs out there on both sides who aren’t laughing.

Kathy Griffin has to increase security after Bristol Palin joke

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