Kathy Griffin Makes Gay Joke about Marcus Bachmann

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Kathy Griffin is notoriously liberal, outspoken and a pro-gay rights, so her joke material tends to be edgy and snarky to say the least. That’s what makes the quirky redhead hilarious! Some people think she went too far recently, however, when she targeted the husband of Michele Bachmann.

Sources report that Kathy Griffin appeared on Craig Ferguson’s late night program on CBS to dish about the Bravo Network and her latest conquests. In the midst of their dialogue, the comedienne cracked wise about the ditsy Tea Party princess’s hubby.

“The Bravo special was supposed to be called ‘Pray the Gay Back.’ You get the Marcus Bachmann joke? OK, he’s very anti-gay and LGBT rights, and it’s odd, because if you look at him on YouTube, it’s almost as if he himself … or, it’s as if …”

Anyone who’s seen Marcus Bachmann knows that the man has a certain quality about him. If this man is a closet case, that’s his business and nobody else’s but the whole “pray the gay away” stance he’s taken is ridiculous, offensive, and wrong on multiple levels. He’s a downright feminine and flamboyant man, so he certainly has no place to try to inject his ideals into people’s lives. This undoubtedly has drawn the scrutiny toward his own alleged sexuality.

Would it be that disappointing or surprising to find out he’s gay? Would anyone truly care? Here’s the thing, “Jesus” doesn’t “cure” gay. So if he is one of these nuts that believes this way, and he’s gay, it’s only a matter of time before some huge scandal breaks involving him, a male massage therapist from Craigslist, and a bag of meth a’la Ted Haggart. Until then, it’s probably best not to get in a huff over everything Kathy Griffin jokes about. She loves controversy and she’s very politically-powered, not to mention intelligent and opinionated. Marcus Bachmann isn’t the first or the last right-wing puppet she’ll attack. She’s called Michele Bachmann a bigot and has picked on the Palin family for years—and entertainingly so.

She at one point poked fun at Bristol Palin’s weight gain, saying she looked like a “white Precious.” She’s not above or below getting dirty, and her fans love her for that, every fabulous one of them!


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