Kathy Wakile Talks Teresa Giudice’s Insults, Napa Vacation

Kathy Wakile has been having a hard time getting along with her cousin and Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star, Teresa Giudice. During a recent episode, she showed her support for Teresa by attending one of her book signings. However, Teresa didn’t appreciate the support and ended up attacking her for a comment she made.

Kathy had been looking through the book when she realized that Teresa had featured some of her mother’s recipes. When she acknowledged it, Teresa took it as a dig and immediately went into victim mode and began to attack back, telling Kathy no one would buy a desserts-only cookbook.

It was pretty harsh, especially since Kathy was simply stating the facts—and not even in a mean-spirited way. Teresa’s comments were rude and meant to hurt Kathy’s feelings.

Kathy is speaking out about the incident. She tells Celebuzz, “It wasn’t anything calculating, my mom and her mom are sister-in-laws. They baked together. What’s the big deal? There’s no reason to be so defensive unless you’re maybe insecure about something.”

Kathy has dreams of one day publishing her own cookbook. So does the fact that Teresa’s already taken several of her mother’s recipes bother her? “Not one bit,” Kathy says. Kathy remains supportive of Teresa even after all the tabloid drama and below the belt comments. It’s a shame Teresa can’t appreciate that.

Kathy and the rest of the ladies took a trip to Napa on last night’s episode and while there is typically drama wherever they go, the ladies got along shockingly well. “It was a lot of fun,” Kathy insisted.

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