Kathy Wakile Weighs In on Teresa Guidice vs. Joe Gorga

Kathy Wakile hosted the pool party where Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga attempted to reconcile. Always the peacemaker, Wakile thought that a pool party surrounded my friends, family, and their children would be the perfect environment for them to sit down and have a positive conversation.

However, as viewers of Real Housewives of New Jersey all saw, that was not how it panned out. Tears were shed, there was yelling, and in the end, Joe got up and left after being told, “You’re not my brother anymore.”

In her Bravo TV blog, Wakile gives fans her opinion. “It’s very sad that Teresa couldn’t understand what he was saying and the talk started to get combative. Teresa started to get defensive and started to bring up things that were irrelevant.” Would someone who claims to so badly want to move forward and be a family again keep rehashing the past?

Wakile concludes, “The bottom line is that in order for a resolution to be successful, both parties have to accept responsibility for their actions. At this point it’s not a matter of who did what to whom. It’s more important to recognize each other’s feelings.” Giudice is known for playing the victim and always trying to convince everyone that she is constantly bullied and plotted against. If Kathy is right, and both parties need to admit fault, it’s doubtful that they will ever move forward.

Perhaps they should listen to Kathy Wakile’s husband Richard who “feels it’s time to call in the professionals.” Talk about an understatement! These two quite possibly could be well beyond fixable.

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