Katie Holmes and Suri Move Out in Wake of Divorce Announcement

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Katie Holmes rocked news tabloid headlines Friday when she announced that she was filing for divorce from superstar Tom Cruise, after much public speculation about their marriage. Now, she furthers the blow to the star, moving herself and the couple’s daughter, Suri, out while he remains in Iceland filming his latest project.

Katie HolmesAccording to onlookers—and surely there are plenty of them in the wake of the announcement—Holmes and Suri Cruise have been spotted with bags in hand, moving into the new New York City apartment she procured prior to filing for divorce.

How long, exactly, she’s had the apartment is uncertain, but she was certainly planning to live there with Suri, as Katie Holmes picked a location (undisclosed, of course) where Suri Cruise would be close to her gymnastics studio and other kid-friendly locations.

As for what’s going to happen going forward with regards to the impending custody dispute, nothing is certain. While Holmes would like full custody, it seems highly unlikely that Tom Cruise will lay down and allow for that.

What do you think about the custody battle that is surely about to rage between Holmes and Cruise?

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