Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Living Separate Lives! Is Divorce on the Horizon?

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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise appear to be in a separation right now. The celebrity, hottie couple are no longer living in the same house together. Apparently, Katie Holmes is sick of living with Cruise, because of his controlling nature and the environment of their home. Hmm. Maybe she should have left him with Nicole Kidman and their two adopted children.

The couple live in a crazily expensive $35 million mansion. However, Katie Holmes has chosen to live in a four-bedroom home that the couple also owns in the Hollywood Hills cul-de-sac.

According to one unnamed source, Holmes is livng away from Cruise so she can live a more normal life. Isn’t she a celebrity? They never live normal lives! Basically, they can’t blow their nose or go the bathroom in privacy! It sounds as if she is trying to steer clear of her husband, not the paparazzi and servants!

The source said, that Katie Holmes is sick of people saying that she is controlled by Tom Cruise, her husband. Living apart from her husband allows her to show that she is her own person. She is also sick of living in the mansion’s controlled environment with servants everywhere.

The source explained, “Katie just wanted a small retreat where she can just go alone, or with Suri, to have a more normal and private life. She craves privacy and freedom. Katie can totally relax there and walks around in her pajamas, can talk freely to her family on the phone and sits outside in the backyard by the pool. It’s very cozy and relaxed.”

The source went on to say, “She has even appointed and vetted her own staff, none of which are affiliated to Scientology. Whatever people might think, Katie is doing things of her own accord. She’s sick of people saying she’s controlled.”

Good for her. Maybe she has gathered up enough inner strength to distance herself from Cruise and his fancy lifestyle. This may even be the “rock bottom” that he needs. Maybe Cruise will seek counseling to heal him from his controlling and angry ways. If they weren’t not struggling in their marriage, then Cruise would leave his fancy pants mansion and move to the 4-bedroom home with Homes, right? 

Katie Holmes also chatted about how she just loves being a mom to Suri. She even referred to motherhood as “dreamy.” Motherhood is a wonderful experience, but “dreamy” only comes when you have servants cleaning and cooking for you. It would be wonderful to focus only on children, maybe then being a mommy would be “dreamy!” For now, motherhood is a lot of work and slightly “dreamy”!

Hopefully, Katie Holmes and Suri are enjoying their peace and quiet from Tom Cruise’s extravagant lifestyle. Please don’t divorce for Suri’s sake, Katie and Tom. Work it out and think about the quality of life of your daughter, over your selfish desires, please!

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Images of actor Tom Cruise s 7 bed, 9 bath 10,286 sq ft home in Beverly Hills, California on 1.3 acres purchased on April 27, 2007 for $30,500,000 which he shares with his wife Katie Holmes and children Connor, Isabella and little Suri. The estate boasts a tennis court/ basketball court, swimming pool, gardens, and high hedges affording serious privacy. The family has also built an elaborate playground with a playhouse and a separate in ground built-in trampoline. Fame Pictures, Inc

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