Katie Holmes Brings Suri to First Day of School – Without Tom Cruise

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Six-year-old Suri Cruise started first grade at the Avenues School this week, a private academy that opened just this week in New York City. While mom Katie Holmes was right by her side, the usually doting Tom Cruise was no where to be found. This begs the question: Is he upset that Suri is attending a school that doesn’t preach Scientology?

Looking at the facts, it’s quite possible that he is. Cruise has made it very clear that his religion is an incredibly important part of his life — after all, it was part of the reason for the ending of his three year relationship with actress Penelope Cruz. Additionally, Suri’s older siblings Isabella and Connor Cruise, Tom’s two older children with former wife Nicole Kidman, were both home schooled and attended a school focused on Scientology. It’s pretty clear that his belief in Scientology trumps everything else in his life.

Part of Katie Holmes’ divorce demands were reportedly that she chose the school that Suri will be attending in New York City. With the Avenues School being a non-denominational private school, it’s obvious that Katie wants her daughter’s schooling to be based on a solid worldly education – not religion.

It’s also been rumored that a big piece of the couple’s divorce was centralized around his obsession with his religion – to the point where there are restrictions in their divorce settlement about what aspects of religion Cruise is allowed to speak about around Suri (TMZ). Holmes obviously does not condone Cruise pushing his religious ideals onto their daughter, especially at such a young age. And no one can really blame her – she’s only trying to provide her daughter with as stable and normal of an upbringing as possible. (Radar Online)

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