Katie Holmes Broke?!? Why Would She Sell Herself Out?

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Is Katie Holmes broke? Why else would she be willing to do public appearances for cash? This sounds more like a job for Kim Kardashian, Snooki, or Paris Hilton doesn’t it?

Of course, leave it to the tabloids to try to turn something into nothing. Katie wouldn’t be the first celebrity to command appearance fees. However, this isn’t like she is showing up at some club in Vegas just to cash-in for a quick $50K or something.

Clearly, every time a celeb is seen with a “brand” it is a walking endorsement. Still, some are saying that Katie may have to resort to “six figure” appearance fees to make-up for not having Tom Cruise’s income to fall back on.

According to the New York Daily News, “[Holmes] was approached by Hilfiger for a Fashion Show appearance and she passed (and) she was approached by a liquor company and she passed.”

So, it seems that perhaps, Katie may actually be positioning herself to take advantage of her own celebrity, now that she isn’t stuck under the watchful eye of the Scientologists.

“Katie never did this before her split with Tom,” claims a tabloid insider. The question is, is Katie Holmes strapped for cash? For the first time in years, Katie may actually be able to enjoy her own acting success, plus she is getting a nice child support payment for Suri.

So, is Katie broke? Hardly, but she certainly should strike while the iron is hot and people are willing to throw big bucks her way. That’s for sure!

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