Katie Holmes Could Use Nicole Kidman to Prove Tom Cruise Is a Bad Daddy

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Katie Holmes is in for the fight of her life if she plans on getting sole custody of her daughter, Suri Cruise. Tom Cruise has a lot more wealth, power and influence than the struggling actress and could very well drag the matter through the courts for a long time.

Although nobody really knows what happened in the marriage to cause Katie to file for divorce, there are plenty of guesses. One of the most common culprits is Tom’s strict following of Scientology. It is entirely likely Katie does not want Suri brought up in the religion that is frequently compared to a cult.

Can Katie beat Tom? It will be tough, but one lawyer thinks she could use Tom’s divorce from Nicole Kidman to help her in the custody battle. Nicole asked for sole custody of her two adopted children with the Mission Impossible actor as well, but was subjected to a nine-month court battle.

Divorce lawyer Catherine Lombado explains, “Whatever evidence was produced during a custody battle that shows Tom in a bad light, I am sure Katie would want to get her hands on.” Isabella and Connor Cruise may ultimately hurt their dad’s chances at getting Suri. According to the attorney, “How he raised or related to his older children from his previous marriage is admissible evidence.”

Katie Holmes is evidently a determined woman. It cannot be easy going up against a guy like Tom Cruise, but she has clearly had enough. The lawyer adds, “She would need to prove to the court through reliable evidence that he was a bad father, the father is violent, the father uses drugs or the father has been neglectful.”

She is certainly in for an uphill battle. Hopefully, the two can work out a custody arrangement that is best for Suri. Such a sad situation, but it is clearly time for Katie to get out!

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