Katie Holmes Doesn’t Want Suri Raised in Scientology?

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Katie Holmes reportedly doesn’t want daughter Suri raised under the the influence of the Church of Scientology. Will she get her wish now that she and Tom Cruise are getting divorced or will Tom insist upon raising Suri in his church?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, sources say Katie is tired of living under the ScientoloRelationship of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmesgy faith as well.

“Katie just couldn’t take Tom and his whole Scientology worship anymore. She got sick and tired of being controlled not only by Tom but by the bizarre belief system of Scientology. She does not want Suri to be a Scientologist,” a source says.

Religion is often hugely disputed between divorcing couples, with one wanting the child to remain in a specific faith while others prefer trying something new or abstaining altogether. It seems when Katie and Tom met she was so taken with him that she would have worshipped pretty much anything if he condoned it. Now she has serious doubts about Scientology.

But now that she is older and has more confidence, she is no longer willing to sacrifice her well-being and the well-being of her daughter. This divorce has been a long time coming. No one in their circles are surprised,” the source adds.

Are you surprised that Katie Holmes has had it with Scientology and that she doesn’t want to raise Suri as a member of the church? Do you think this may have been a major factor in her and Tom Cruise’s decision to get divorced?

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