Katie Holmes Facing New Suri Cruise Custody Battle?

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Katie Holmes seems to have walked away from her marriage to Tom Cruise without any problems. Is it really possible for a celebrity marriage to end so amicably? When the divorce news was initially announced, the world geared up for a long, nasty, public battle. In a surprise move, the two settled out of court within a matter of weeks.

Katie essentially won custody of Suri Cruise, but Tom has reportedly maintained very flexible visitation rights. He is constantly jetting around the world filming one movie after another and would really not be able to provide a stable home, like Katie can.

But, that could all change. Katie may be in for a real custody battle in the near future. A source reveals Tom is planning to take an extended break from movies. “He needs to prove he’s just as reliable as Katie, that spending time with his daughter as important to him as having a hit film,” explains an insider. Once he gets himself settled, the battle will be on, “Tom is absolutely planning on going after custody of Suri in the future.”

Are you surprised to hear of Tom’s ulterior motives? Sources in the past have revealed he is a bit of a control freak and was probably left reeling after Katie blindsided him with the divorce filing. She will be a formidable foe in the custody battle and is not likely to let his money, power or influence intimidate her.

The source explains Tom’s ultimate goal and his master plan, “His plan is to wait for now, and then fight for it down the line.” Katie has proven she can be just as sneaky and is already setting herself up to hold onto Suri. “Katie is working hard to get Suri on the right path: school, friends, playdates, normalcy,” reports the source.

A judge will take all of this into consideration if Tom Cruise tries to get full custody of Suri Cruise. Katie Holmes is probably well aware this battle is far from over and will hopefully be proactive in the fight to keep her daughter. She will have to watch her every step to avoid giving Tom any grounds to win custody. This probably means Katie will avoid dating for the immediate future.

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