Katie Holmes Fears for Her Life?

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Katie Holmes is obviously a woman who is concerned about her health and well being. She fired her usual security team, who just happened to be members of Scientology, and hired a new group of burly men to protect her. As details of the days and weeks prior to Katie filing for divorce trickle out, it is evident the young woman is afraid of something. Is it her soon-to-be ex-husband, Tom Cruise, or is it Scientology?

No matter who it is that has Katie looking over her shoulder; she is not taking any chances with her life or her daughter’s. New details reveal how seriously security is being taken in the wake of the divorce filing and Tom’s return to the states.

A source reveals, “She knows now that in the eyes of Scientology, she is the enemy.” Katie is relying on the one man in her life she can fully trust, her dad, Martin Holmes. “Her father advised her to spare no expense in hiring the best security team possible,” the source explains. Katie’s parents are taking their daughter’s safety just as seriously and are reportedly tracking her every move, by the hour.

“Katie’s father and mother are in constant communication with their daughter. They are being told what she is doing and where she is with Suri.”

The source adds there is an “electronic security log” that is updated every hour by Katie’s security team. These may seem like extreme measures, but clearly, something has Katie and her family worried. Why would she be so dramatic? She is not one to court media attention.

It may be safer if Katie Holmes hid out, but she has a little girl to think about. “Katie has no plans of living like a recluse. She is going out in public with Suri, just as she normally would, just with a few more bodyguards now,” the insider explains. Keeping things as normal as possible and following routines will help calm any fears or misgivings Suri may be feeling at the moment.

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