Katie Holmes’ Friend Compares Scientology to Satanic Cult

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As Katie Holmes prepares to divorce Tom Cruise, someone who knows her has said that the actress found Tom’s religion, Scientology, to be like the satanic cult written about in the iconic novel, Rosemary’s Baby.

The book, made into a horror movie starring Mia Farrow, was referenced by this source through Us magazine. That person said that 33-year-old Holmes found that, like Farrow in the scary film, she was “controlled” by “every move she made and everything she did.”

Apparently, Katie had been trying to free herself of the influences of Scientology for an entire year and that when she filed for divorce from Tom Cruise, this problem was likely a major reason. The religion was not apparently one that Holmes wanted to be part of any longer. Still, she discovered it was not simple to leave this church once joining, at least at the level in which Tom’s wife entered into it. Or so it seems.

Still, is Scientology solely to blame for the crumbling of this relatively short marriage? Certainly Katie Holmes had problems in her relationship other than that one. After all, this was almost an arranged marriage since some five years ago Tom made an elaborate plan to meet Katie and had seemed determined she would be his wife even before he really knew her.

Then, when he did start to date Katie, he jumped up and down on Oprah’s couch with joy at that very fact. It was a very quick courtship and the marriage happened in Italy after Holmes was apparently pregnant with Suri, their 6-year-old daughter for whom the actress is seeking sole custody.

So, what do you think? Do you believe Katie Holmes had other problems with Tom Cruise? Do think that Scientology, at least to this participant, became akin to a satanic cult like the one in Rosemary’s Baby? Do you think Katie was eager to be rid of her TomKat moniker because of her inability to rid herself of her adopted religion or was it more than that? Thoughts? Thanks.

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