Katie Holmes Goes Almost Nude for Creepy New Ad Campaign

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What’s up with Katie Holmes? The Tom Cruise wife and Suri Cruise mom may be crossing her Scientology roots with a steamy ad campaign in which she appears just about as naked as can be.

It’s for the new H. Stern campaign and rolls out first in Israel before hitting the US market later this year. In the first photo released, Katie Holmes is wrapping her arms around her bare breasts as her slinky black bra falls away from her very toned and muscular arms and shoulders.

But it’s actually kind of hard to tell it’s K-Cruise because of the heavy, weird makeup and the wild hair blowing in the fake breeze.

There’s a gold necklace around her throat dropping down to her cleavage, so at least an H. Stern piece is on display. But it’s hard to figure out what the advertising message is supposed to be.

Katie Holmes looks like a vampire on crystal meth, quite frankly. Why would she disrupt her squeaky clean, MILF next-door image? Is she getting back at Scientology? Her husband? What’s up with that?

Weird… and a bit creepy. But hey, anything to sell more baubles, right?

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