Katie Holmes Hot Wardrobe Malfunction: Fashion or Flashing?

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Did Katie Holmes have a wardrobe malfunction? The actress and wife of Tom Cruise stepped out of her New York City apartment on Friday with wet hair and a sheer black top on—one that clearly allowed a view of her pink bra. Some believe this was an oversight, that Katie didn’t know she was showing the world her undergarments. But was this a deliberate fashion choice on her part?

The British newspaper the Daily Mail printed photos of Katie Holmes that show the sheer top and the pink bra, noting that she “treated onlookers to a glimpse of her underwear.” But a closer look shows that yes, she had on a sheer black top and yes, a pink bra—but she also wore a heavy coat over the top. Not only that, Katie also wore pinkish red shoes and carried a handbag that looks pretty close to the same shade.

Perhaps this was just Katie Holmes being hot and fashionable? Sure, she had wet hair and was possibly rushing out somewhere, but most women, particularly A-list celebrities, do remember to put on clothing that covers their bodies (if that’s the look they’re going for). They also take great care to match bags and shoes and even “underthings”—particularly if they’re going to show through sheer tops! Katie is almost always dressed to perfection, so even in a hurry one has to think that she was not having some sort of wardrobe malfunction.

Fans, what do you think?

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