Katie Holmes Is One Hot Bikini Mama!

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Hot celebrity mamas have been in the news a lot more lately since climate change is leading to such great beach weather this summer. Now Katie Holmes is getting in on the act with a poolside bikini post on Celebuzz that shows why Tom Cruise is probably still jumping up on couches – in private.

The pics show the Cruise clan enjoying water sports both at the shore and back at their Miami hotel. The best shots seem to be taken by a daring paparazzo who may have had to stick his neck out a bit too far… from a high balcony. Strangely, they’re even more flattering because of it. And Suri is adorable!

Katie Holmes is just the latest celeb mom to earn gushing praise from gossip mavens. Last week Lynne Spears (Britney’s mom) got rave reviews for some shots in a one-piece frolicking with the family, showing plenty of leg and a still modest displacement. Unfortunately, it looked like she was in one of those Sea World see-through tanks, so it came off a little creepy…

But it shows that celebs are more conscious than ever before that the world would much rather see them healthy and fit. Forget the secret delight one may feel realizing stars age just as badly as mere mortals, it’s nice to see a favorite celebrity hanging in so well.

Just last week Katie Holmes told PEOPLE magazine she “hopes to age gracefully.” So far, so good.

Maybe global warming has an upside after all…

See the photos here on Celebuzz.

Image courtesy of Miniature Celebrity on Blogger

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