Katie Holmes: No to Suri Doesn’t Happen; Suri Cruise Never Hears No – Gets What She Wants!

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Apparently Katie Holmes never says no to Suri Cruise, her daughter! Suri gets what ever she wants! But wait up, where’s Tom Cruise in all this? Doesn’t he say no to Suri? Manuella Children's Backpack BagNot according to a former nanny but then that leads us to ask about Tom’s other children (the adopted ones.) Did they ever hear no? There haven’t been reports that Cruise lavished crazily upon those children… hmmm… seems like there’s a possibility for some true-blood favoritism. Could those adopted children have just been adopted for show?

Ok, so we know Hollyweird is well, weird, but does bad parenting go hand-in-hand with the elite of our actors? It does for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. A former nanny of their’s blabbed to “Star” magazine that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have isolated and spoiled Suri. The issue here is that if these claims are true, we should feel bad for Suri. She’s only four and she has no boundaries because none have ever been erected. It’s not only shameful, it’s almost torture.

The nanny told “Star” that even though Suri has a private chauffeur, a $100,000 playroom, $6,000 Halloween costume and $25,000 tiaras, she doesn’t really have any friends her age. In fact, she apparently is being homeschooled by two Scientologists (Tom Cruise’s religion) who are teaching her French and ballet. The friends Suri does have are her hired help: nannies and bodyguards.

The former nanny said, “She never hears the word ‘no,’ from a nanny or anyone else. Whether Suri wants cupcakes for breakfast in bed or toast at 2 a.m., the staff has to jump up and get it.” Quick interjection, isn’t that what the wait staff is hired to do? Wait on your employers?

As easy as it is to say Suri is and will forever be spoiled rotten (because she will be), the main fault lies with her parents. It’s easy to please a 4-year-old to avoid tantrums when you are ultra rich but one has to think about the future consequences of one’s actions now. Suri could be the next mega diva on steroids in a few more years! Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may think they are just showing her love but if these claims are true, they are only doing her a major disservice!

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