Katie Holmes Secured Secret Home Before Filing for Divorce from Tom Cruise

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Katie Holmes has played the perfect, subservient wife role for so long, it was easy to believe that was who she really was. She seemed to be a puppet controlled by her domineering husband, Tom Cruise. Well, Katie is not quite the meek, timid woman she portrays. How is that for acting, Hollywood?

Apparently, Miss Katie planned out a plan of attack that covered all the bases. Her New Jersey attorney may have helped her with her strategy, but ultimately, it was Katie who had to sneak around behind her overbearing husband’s back.

Katie technically has her own apartment in New York City that she shares with Tom Cruise. That was the perfect home base she needed to file the divorce in the state that is most likely to favor her petition to win sole custody of Suri Cruise. Her lavish digs were not enough to make her feel safe and secure. She went out and rented her own apartment without her husband or anybody else knowing!

That is some slick planning and puts a little perspective on how badly Katie wanted out of this marriage. She has obviously been planning to get out for a while, but knew how tough it would be to leave her husband. She may not be a physically battered woman, but she is an oppressed woman who knew she could not continue living under her husband’s thumb.

Katie Holmes is preparing for battle and has hopefully done her homework and secured the evidence she needs to gain sole custody of her daughter. Tom Cruise may be more powerful, but Katie is clearly more cunning.

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