Katie Holmes Suffers Slutty Pumpkin Wardrobe Malfunction

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Katie Holmes may have been a slutty pumpkin for Halloween on How I Met Your Mother, but she certainly never wanted to come across as behaving that way in real life. That’s why the wardrobe malfunction she suffered while on the show likely has her just a wee bit mortified.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Katie experienced what is becoming known in the entertainment industry as a “nip-slip.” Part of her right nipple was visible when Katie was wearing her slutty pumpkin costume.

How will Tom Cruise react when he learns his wife’s nipple was in (sort of) plain sight while she was on national TV? Will that cause some sort of scandal within the Church of Scientology? Will Katie Holmes have a hefty price to pay following this wardrobe malfunction?Katie Holmes

Hopefully little Suri Cruise doesn’t become privy to the nip-slip. Even though it’s a relatively benign occurrence, no little girl wants to think of any of her mother’s private parts being viewed on TV!

Did you see Katie Holmes as a slutty pumpkin on How I Met Your Mother? Did you happen to catch the barely visible nip-slip? It seems that Egotastic was the first site to report the slip, and from there it started its path of rampant circulation.

For those who eagerly go to the site to check out Katie Holmes’s right nipple, rest assured you’re only treated to the faint discoloration of areola. It’s not particularly enticing in most polite circles—but then there are those, um, well, never mind. It’s common knowledge that not all circles are polite.

You can see the shot of Katie Holmes and her wardrobe malfunction here. But don’t make too much of a big deal about it. No one knows what Tom Cruise may have her do to make up for the untimely faux pas.

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