Katie Holmes: Suri Cruise in One Hand, Coffee in the Other.

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Katie Holmes has her hands full. In a recent paparazzi photo, Katie was seen carting Suri Cruise around in one and while trying to hold on to her coffee in the other.

This seems to be a trend these days. On more than one occasion Katie Holmes has been photographed having to carry her five-year-old daughter around. Can’t Suri walk for herself? Why is it that fans never see a photo of Tom Cruise with Suri under his arm?

Perhaps Katie just doesn’t want to hear Suri pitch a fit in public. Holmes wouldn’t be the first parent embarrassed by their kid for pitching a fit. Still, at some point, Suri will be a bit big for poor Katie Holmes to carry.

Though not the best way to show off her ‘little girl’ fashion, having to be carried by Katie, Suri was snapped wearing a white skirt and pink polka dot top. Mommy and daughter seemed to be trying to avoid the geese as they visited daddy Tom on set in New Orleans. Tom is busy filming his new movie, Oblivion.

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