Katie Holmes Takes Suri on Starbucks Run

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Perhaps it was time for a coffee break for a 5-year-old. Katie Holmes took her daughter Suri Cruise on an early morning Starbucks run on Thursday (October 6). The question here is this: how do you stop Suri from going down the path of caffeine addiction?

Ok, so Katie Holmes hitting a Starbucks in Pittsburgh with her daughter in tow really isn’t too big of a deal. It isn’t as if Katie is getting her a double mocha-frappe whatever with an extra shot and tons of whipped cream. Katie is in town Pennsylvania since husband Tom Cruise is filming a new movie, “One Shot.”

As far as the paparazzi chasing Katie Holmes and Suri down the street as they take in a quick cup of “morning Joe,” things do tend to get a little silly. Probably more important on this morning was not Suri and caffeine addiction (Katie didn’t buy her coffee) but rather that she gave her a jacket to keep warm on a chilly autumn morning. Suri wrapped herself in the coat and even shielded her face from the cameras.

This may be the most unfortunate thing about the paparazzi. They may have cured Suri’s caffeine addiction before it started just by hounding a kindergarten-aged girl and her mother walking down the street. She will probably always associate Starbucks with the photographers.

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